If you are looking for ways to improve your overall health this summer, YMCA Ballet could be a good solution for you.

YMCA Ballet classes



5 Ways YMCA Ballet Can Improve Your Overall Health


When it comes to fitness fun for everyone in the family, YMCA dance classes can provide something unique and wonderful. For kids and adults, learning how to dance and putting in all the hard work and exercise to perfect the moves offers a lot of health benefits that may surprise you. At the countrysideYMCA, ballet is about more than looking pretty in cute dance outfits.


1 – Ballet is Great Cardiovascular Exercise


Every person knows how important it is to getregular fitness activity to keep your heart and lungs healthy your whole life through. The exercises and dance moves you learn in ballet classes get your heart rate up without undue strain. Also, the desire to perform with the group can encourage participants to exercise beyond what is needed for the scheduled class itself. This can help maintain healthy body weight, too.


2 – Dancing Improves Full-Body Strength


When you search theCountryside YMCA programs for healthy activities, you can find a lot that offer holistic solutions to strength and well-being. Ballet is a fun activity that works out every major muscle group as well as minor muscles. Best of all, it is a non-loadbearing activity that minimizes the risk for injury in beginning classes. 


3 – Poise and Posture Matter for Overall Health


Posture promotes strong core muscles. It helps your spine and neck align, and your nerves work in the best way possible. Poise has more to do with minute muscle abilities that contribute to the grace that many ballet dancers have. These things promote improved overall health because they affect parts of the body not frequently used in other fitness regimens.


4 – YMCA Ballet Can Improve Flexibility


Due to extension and poses necessary in many ballet moves, flexibility is one of the primary improvement areas you find at the YMCA dance classes. Not only does increased flexibility help your overall health, it can also greatly reduce the chance of injuries and participating in other activities. If you are flexible, you have a lower risk of sprains and strains in general.


5 – Discover Mental and Emotional Benefits, Too


When it comes to overall health, ballet and other dance classes also contribute to strong mental, emotional, and social abilities. Physical exercise improves mood and cognitive ability according to various scientific research studies. Working with a troop of dancers on a special presentation helps develop a sense of teamwork, group appreciation, and responsibility. Similar benefits exist for each individual, too. Although ballet classes for the youngest students may focus on fun, advanced lessons show preparation and help develop self-discipline, dedication, and a strong sense of perseverance.


Sign up for the YMCA Ballet atCountryside YMCA! Not only will you enjoy the fun atmosphere and learning a new skill, but you get all these wonderful health benefits, too.