Quality programs allow parents to work while knowing their children are in a nurturing environment outside of school time.


5 Ways an Afterschool Program Can Help Your Child


An after school child care program can help fill, often wasted hours after school, with meaningful hours. Kids who procrastinate and don’t finish their homework or play video games all night often benefit greatly from these programs.

Parents can seek out help from a before/after daycare that can set their children up for success today and in the future.

We've seen firsthand how the children who attend our YMCA child care benefit from these programs.


5 After School Child Care Benefits


1. Help With Homework

Homework is time-consuming but it’s a necessary part of a child’s education. One study found that nearly50% of parents can’t help their children complete this important coursework. When you enter your child into an after school care program, they’re able to receive:

·         One-on-one help with homework

·         Extra help on subjects the child struggles with

Completing homework early allows your child to come home and enjoy their time with you. A consistent schedule will also make doing homework a habit and teach children a sense of responsibility that’s often lost when they come home and procrastinate.

The added responsibility and habits that are created by doing this work immediately after school will be with a child their entire lives. As a child transitions into adolescence and eventually goes to college, they’ll use these habits to make sure all their coursework is completed on time.


2. Opportunity to Build Social Skills

Social skills are lacking in today’s youth. Smartphones and the Internet have led to kids losing many of the skills they will eventually need to be social in the workplace. Since kids are kept social with others in the child care program and spend less time on their devices, they’re able to:

·         Enhance their social skills

·         Collaborate on projects together

·         Build respect for their peers

By learning how to socialize, children are acquiring skills that will help them all throughout their lives.

Exposure to different people from all walks of life is important. Not only will kids be able to meet people and friends that they may not have met otherwise, but they’re also able to build the skills needed to be more extroverted.

Social skills are some of the most important skills a child can learn. Kids will be able to express themselves better and discuss concepts that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise if they didn’t have these experiences in after school care.


3. Improve Academics

Programs also help improve academics. Busy parents don't have as much time as they'd like to help children with schoolwork. When entrusting a dedicated facility to care for your child, you’re also helping the child get the extra attention needed for academic success.

A child may receive:

·         Extra help in subjects that they’re struggling to grasp

·         One-on-one help to understand different concepts or material

The additional help that children receive can help improve their grades and academics. Sometimes, when children miss one or two concepts in a class, they can be lost for the entire year. After school programs reduce the risk of a child being lost so that they can keep up with their classwork.


4. Build Confidence

Self-esteem and confidence are already exhibited in children by the age of 5, according to a study at Washington University. Confidence is often high when a child enters first grade, but by the time a child enters the fifth grade, their self-esteem is often much lower.

Good and bad experiences will shape a child’s confidence.

Through a well-balanced and teacher-assisted approach, it’s possible to help children build and maintain their confidence levels. Individual and group activities that promote the following are an integral part of our before/after daycare:

·         Decision-making

·         Responsible behavior

·         Self-control

·         Teamwork

Promoting and building confidence enables a child to go into sports, schoolwork and life ahead of their peers.

5. Create Friendships in the Community

Local programs allow your child to have a sense of belonging in the community. Kids who enter into these programs together forge friendships that can last a lifetime. Your child gets to see many of the kids in their school and community outside of the school environment where they’re able to socialize and spend more time together.

Children are able to stay safe, engaged, and active when they leave school. By being able to see their peers in a new setting, it’s possible to help a child grow:

·         Creatively

·         Cognitively

·         Emotionally

·         Physically

·         Socially

These traits will follow a child for a lifetime and allow them to feel more comfortable in the community.

If you’re interested in our YMCA child care, we encourage you to sign up and visit our facility in person. Through a variety of programs and activities, we’re able to help children excel.

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