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YMCA Dance Classes


Dance is a great, fun opportunity to get students moving. Youth of all ages can enjoy dance in some form. When kids get their body moving through dance, they’re working on their coordination, flexibility and physical strength. YMCA dance classes offer a variety of dance types to keep youth engaged and interested.

On top of the physical benefits from dance, kids are also able to work on their creative expression, meet new friends and build their confidence.

4 Countryside YMCA Dance Classes for Youths


1. Ballet

Ballet is one of the most sought-after forms of dance that parents seek out for their kids. We offer an array of ballet cases for kids of all ages, including:

·   Pre- ballet 1

·   Pre-ballet 2

·   Classical ballet 1

·   Classical ballet 2

·   Classical ballet for teens

Ms. Jaime has been dancing ballet since the age of three and has an extensive background in dance. Her class sizes have grown drastically in the past year, from 40 to over 100 students.

All of our dance classes are progressive allowing students to learn new routines that they’ll showcase to their parents in a recital.


2. Jazz

Jazz is a fast-moving form of dance that includes popular songs and dance. Classes are short – just 30 minutes each – and are available for kids as young as six years old. Jazz techniques are taught to varying age groups, and teens are placed in their own dance classes.

Class times vary depending on the type of class you’re enrolled in.

We offer three class types, currently, that include:

·   Jazz: Beginner (2 types)

·   Jazz: Intermediate

Our two types of beginner classes are for different age groups. Our first-class is for kids between 7 and 12 years old, and our second class is for kids aged 6 to 9.


3. Latin Fusion

Intermediate and advanced Latin classes are better suited for teens and adults. Beginner Fusion classes are the perfect mix of jazz and ballroom fusion classes. Exciting movements, music, and fun dance instructors will help kids learn new techniques that they can use on the dancefloor.

Multiple dance styles are available, including:

·   Cha Cha Cha

·   Rumba

·   Samba

·   More

Classes typically last for 45 minutes, allowing parents to mingle while their kids can concentrate on new dance styles and techniques.


4. Pop Hip Hop

Pop & Hip Hop is one of the most fun and exciting forms of dance. High-energy, these classes can help kids build up a sweat and build their confidence. The classes are filled with today’s modern music and is taught by a dance instructor that will bring the latest choreography to your local Y.

Students will learn a lot of steps and routines as they gear up for the exciting dance recitals held in the spring.

Children have two main options to choose from, depending on their age and their experience:

·   Pop & Hip Hop Freestyle Dance 1 for kids 7, 10 and 11

·   Pop & Hip Hop Freestyle Dance 2 for kids 11 and older

Our instructors are waiting to help your kids learn the latest dance routines, break out of their shells, and have fun on the dancefloor. We have something for everyone with our array of dance classes.


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