If the many stresses of school are getting to your child and they need something to relieve that stress, YMCA Dance lessons are something to consider.




3 Ways YMCA Dance Classes Can Relieve Your Child's Stress


The world today is full of potential stressors that affect children just as much as adults. At the CountrysideYMCA, dance classes and activities are just one of the ways we help you help your child feel their very best every day. While dancing provides a lot of fun, social opportunities, and physical fitness, it also represents a great way to relieve stress and experience a more positive and comfortable life.


These three ways that YMCA dance classes can relieve your child's stress should make signing up an obvious choice for the next round of classes at Countryside. The center offers ballet, tap dancing, hip-hop, and traditional clogging for your kids to choose from.


1 – Anti-Stress Benefits of Physical Activity


No matter what type of YMCA dance classes you choose for your child, they will receive a wonderful increase in their physical activity levels. Any type of exercise releases the feel-good chemicals that are naturally made in the human brain. These are called endorphins, and they promote a feeling of positivity and calm.


Not only will your child feel better while engaged in the physical actions of dance steps and routines, the effects of the endorphins last the rest of the day and into the night.


2 – Music and Motion Boosts Fun


Who doesn't like to listen to music? If your son or daughter is like most kids, they enjoy a variety of music both slow and fast and cannot help moving around when they feel the beat. At YMCA dance classes, they will learn new ways toenjoy the music by putting fun motions to it and learning routines that make experiencing it even more fun.


One of the best things about dancing as a way to relieve stress is that it is a generally non-competitive activity. Your child competes with their past abilities instead of another team or the kids standing next to them. It also gives them the opportunity to be silly and let loose sometimes, which is an important thing for any kid.


3 – Socialization, Sleep, and Self Esteem


Why is your child experiencing stress? There are a variety of reasons why today's children and teens have a higher level of stress than ever before. Circumstances in the world around them combined with the everyday stressors that come with socialization, self-esteem and confidence struggles, and things as seemingly simple as a lack of sleep or healthy eating. All of these things can get a boost when you sign them up for YMCA dance.


The Countryside YMCA focuses on creating classes and group activities that help people come together and enjoy a common interest. Teachers and guides encourage smooth and positive social engagement and methods that focus on personal accomplishment rather than competition or rapid advancement. While there are many different levels of dance classes available, your child or teen does not have to add extra stress to their life. Instead, they can enjoy learning new things that boost their confidence in a pleasant environment with others who share the same goals.


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