If your kids are getting restless at home, here are some fun activities to keep them occupied. If all else fails, Clinton Massie Childcare can take them off your hands.


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10 Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained

With the pandemic keeping more children at home and kids social distancing making it difficult to see friends, parents have to get creative when it comes to entertainment.

These 10 activities will keep restless kids busy and engaged.


1. Build a Box of Games

Games are a simple way to keep the kids entertained, but they can also be educational. Create a box of games with a good mix of activities for kids. Board games, coloring books and playing cards are great options.

Pick a random item from the box when you need to keep the kids occupied, or allow them to choose their own game.


2. Turn Your Living Room into a Fort

Transform your living room into a fort or indoor campsite. Set up a tent, or build a fort out of cushions, pillows and blankets. Have the kids tell stories, play pretend or watch movies. Add colorful accessories and lights (or flashlights).


3. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Hide objects around the house. Add them to a list with clues on where to find them. Don’t make it too easy or hard. The goal is to keep the kids busy, so make sure that it takes some time to find the items without being too frustrating.


4. Bake Treats Together

Baking is a great opportunity to spend quality time together while creating something everyone will enjoy. Let the kids choose the recipes, and have them do most of the work while you supervise.


5. Have a Cleaning Competition

Want to keep the kids occupied and lighten your load? Have a cleaning competition. The first child to complete everything on their cleaning list wins a prize.


6. Do Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep kids entertained while sharpening their concentration, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination skills. Choose fun puzzles that aren’t too easy or too difficult for your child.


7. Have a Dance-Off

Host a dancing competition in the living room. Let the kids choose their favorite songs, and give them a chance to practice before the big showdown. Have different categories and rewards for each one.


8. Have a Picnic

Turn lunchtime into a picnic in the living room or outside. Lay down blankets, pack their favorite foods and eat together. Bring some games to play, or just tell stories.


9. Listen to Podcasts

Kid-friendly podcasts can help keep kids busy while educating and entertaining them.Common Sense Media offers a great list of podcasts for kids, from stories to history and science. Choose podcasts that they'll love, so they stay focused and engaged.


10. Create an Archaeological Dig

This is more of an elaborate activity, but it’s one that the kids will love. For this activity, you will need:

·   Balloons

·   Small plastic dinosaur toys (or any small toys that you have)

·   Water

·   Safety goggles

·   Hammer

·   Food coloring (optional)

Place your miniature toys inside of the balloons and fill them with water. Add food coloring if you wish. Place your balloons in the freezer for a few hours.

Next, rip off the balloon and have the kids start digging to find the toy inside. Allow the kids to use hammers, but make sure that they’re wearing their safety goggles!

These 10 activities are sure to keep your kids entertained. When all else fails, use our child care in Clinton Massie for a much-needed break.

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