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Meeting Your Needs: Our Chaplaincy Program

Countryside YMCA's Chaplaincy Program demonstrates our commitment to incorporating Christian principles into all facets of our programs and offerings. Chaplains seek to make Christ and His values present throughout the Y by listening to people, helping to answer questions, providing spiritual guidance, praying for people and leading in various ways throughout the community.  If you would like to find out more about this program or speak to a chaplain, contact any of the chaplains at  Prayer requests can be submitted to our chaplains at

David Newman
David is married to a wonderful wife named Ashli and their family has been part of the Countryside YMCA community for 3 years.  They have 4 young sons that bring much joy and chaos to their lives.  He is the pastor of Antioch (the church of the Y), and in his free time,  you will often find him watching sports, reading a good book, wrestling with his boys or drinking strong coffee with his friends.  David loves being with people and considers it such a privilege that he can spend much of his life helping people grow in their own faith journey with the Lord.  David can be reached by email at


Doug Pollock
Doug is an author and traveling speaker. Doug has worked with Athletes in Action since 1983. His wife Martha serves here at Countryside YMCA in a variety of capacities. They have two sons named David and Jonathan. Doug loves good conversation, sucks the marrow out of life, and is passionately committed to helping others take the next step in their spiritual journey. He loves all sports, enjoys the outdoors, and is a world traveler.  Doug can be reached by email at



Jim Ludwick
Jim Ludwick has been involved in pastoral/chaplaincy ministry for over 35 years. His wife and he have 2 sons, 1 who’s family lives in Lebanon as well. They are all active at the Y. Jim retired recently from Otterbein Lebanon Senior Living Community where he served as the senior pastor/chaplain. He has also been a Hospice chaplain. Jim listens to people and offers the love of Christ to all. He has special experience in offering bereavement support. Jim can be reached by email at



Brian Mease
Brian, along with his wife Jess, and their three children, Grace, Eden Mae, & Gabe, love to spend time hanging out at our Y located in Landen.  Brian is a Pastor on staff at Antioch (Church of the Y) and has been in Church ministry since 2002.  Brian’s passion is to create safe spaces where people, regardless of their religious beliefs or background, can explore spirituality.  He loves people and good conversation, especially over a good drink.  In his free time, besides laughing with his family, Brian enjoys music, film, competitive tennis, hiking, skiing, sweet tea, and nerdy board games. Email Brian at



Steve Newman
Steve Newman has been a chaplain for over 40 years with the ministry of Athletes in Action.  He was the chaplain of the Green Bay Packers for 25 years and has also served at various college campuses across the country.  His current role is the chaplain of Miami University where he works with both coaches and athletes.  He has written a book on how to incorporate Christian principles into the realm of coaching. Steve has a wonderful wife named Lin and they have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.  Steve can be reached by email at



Jami Rotello

Jami has lived in Lebanon longer than the Y has been here.  She remembers when Countryside opened and her family (VanDeGrift) joined.  They are all still  active members.  Jami graduated from the US Air Force Academy, where she met her husband Tom.  They spent 10 years around the country in the Air force and growing their family.  She is still in the AF Reserves.  They have four busy kids: Maria, Hanah, Roselen and TJ.  Her Air Force experience combined with the tougher job of mothering has given her a deep love for God and His purposes. She enjoys talking of Christ and Life with all, seekers, skeptics, and believers.  Jami can be reached by email at


Rick Schroder
Rick Schroder brings over 30 years of caring for families to the Y; having served as a pastor, Bible teacher and counselor both in the US and abroad. His wife Sheryl is known to Countryside families through Child Care, Pre-school Gymnastics and Prime Time. Rick and Sheryl enjoy creating a safe place for people to share their stories, whether they are children or adults. Rick has degrees the University of Michigan and Dallas Seminary and serves both the working world locally as a Chemist/Engineering Manager and at Countryside as a Chaplain. They both speak English and Spanish.  Rick can be reached by email at


Jeff Snyder

Jeff and his wife Kelsey have been members at the Y since 2014. You will often see Jeff on the basketball court or in the PrimeTime Cafe spending time with students! Jeff and Kelsey graduated from Miami and have lived in Cincinnati ever since. His first 4 years after graduating, Jeff worked in downtown Cincinnati for PwC, a large accounting firm. In 2014, his career took a significant turn as God led him to take a position on staff at Antioch church of the Y as the Youth Pastor. Jeff loves spending time with his wife, spending time with high schoolers, and playing sports and board games. 

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