2021 Annual Report Countryside YMCA

As a non-profit organization, our role is to identify needs in the community and find ways we can meet those needs. This last year pushed us into a new reality as we had to continue to adapt to living with the effects of a pandemic. We responded by helping our community cope with a new way of life and how to become resilient in the face of so much change.

Thank you for helping us to stay actively engaged in the mission work that is the foundation of all we do. Together, we are resilient. Click HERE to download a printable version of our Annual Report. 


Countryside YMCA and Premier Health


The year 2021 began with our facility partner, Premier Health, hosting their first COVID-19 vaccination clinic. By using our facilities Lower Level Hallway and Gymnasium we were able to provide the space to support the hundreds of people coming in to recieve their first dose of the vaccine. Partnering with Premier Health to provide this resource we gave our community a sense of hope that we could one day connect safely again.


Veterans Connect Warren CountyVETERAN'S CONNECT

Our new program, Veteran's Connect, directed by Mike Morang, became another beacon for connection in our community. This free 12-week program gave local veterans a chance to focus on fitness programs, nutrition, mental health resources and team building alongside their fellow military brothers and sisters.




Countryside YMCA partnered with the City of Lebanon for their Together We Thrive campaign, which offered free fitness classes to the community. This wellness program was created to help establish healthy habits and connect our community together. Classes were taught by Countryside YMCA instructors at local parks throughout the city.



During 2021, we spent time focusing on our community and how we could restore those connections. First, Countryside YMCA had to reintroduce who we are and what our mission stands for, helping those build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Through the efforts listed here and countless others we began renewing the wellbeing of others. This past year was a challenge to overcome, but we are resilient by the power of our mission.

"Everyone has a story. Friendships started and go on for years! It's a community!"


We tuned in monthly to learn more about Countryside YMCA during a show produced by the City of Lebanon called, The Countryside YMCA Show. The show featured stories from our members and staff, wellness tips and tricks, and information about programs, events, fundraisers happening at the Y. You can view all the episodes on our YouTube channel.


In September 2021 we launched the Countryside YMCA app with features including, scanning into our facilities, browsing and boking classes, tracking workouts, and viewing facility hours. We wanted a more effective and easier way to connect with our members and give them more access to the Y. Since the release there has been over 3,000 app downloads.

"It is a great way to learn about the YMCA, meet members, and it pushes you to meet your fitness goals."




We launched three wellness challenges throughout 2021. The Reset, Summer Out Load and Strong challenges all focused achievement, relationships, and belonging for the individual or families. These challenges helped participants focus on their emotional, physical, and emotional wellbeing by setting goals, and building relationships and confidence. This was a free program and open to all to participate.



 As a non-profit organization (503C), our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that help build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

2021 Annual Campaign Events 


2021 Membership Numbers & Financials

2021 Annual Report Financials Countryside YMCA


Mission Statement

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Countryside YMCA - one of the world’s largest YMCAs - is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the Warren County community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. For more than 40 years, Countryside YMCA has embodied the Christian principles that help people achieve a balance of spirit, mind and body. We work hard every day to ensure that all are welcome to experience the unmatched facilities, outreach, and varied programs available only at the Y.