Bringing Hope to Our Community

Several women walking together outside at the Y

When the world suddenly changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our YMCA activities changed, too. In a matter of hours, we closed our pools, cancelled classes, and shut down our fitness facilities.  But during all those changes, we never ceased caring for our community. As a non-profit organization, our role is to identify needs in the community and find ways we can meet those needs. The pandemic gave us unprecedented opportunities to serve in new ways.  Our response would not have been possible without incredible members who stayed with us, families who trusted us and the private and corporate donations of many through our Annual Campaign.

Thank you for helping us to stay actively engaged in the mission work that is the foundation of all we do. Together, we brought hope into our community. Click HERE to download a printable version of our Annual Report. 


Never in our forty plus years of serving this community have we stopped providing programs. Shutting our doors during the pandemic meant people would be without their stress relieving, immunity building, and healthy focused workouts. We determined that wouldn’t happen and between March 17 and May 1 (the first 49 days of the shutdown), we published 36 brand new virtual classes.

“We didn’t want members to have to give up their usual workouts. Exercise is such a big stress relief and we wanted to provide them with options they could do from the safety and comfort of their own homes,” said Zach McCollum Executive Director of Programs.Three YMCA fitness instructors standing behind chairs

Switching from in-person to online classes was a challenge but we made a variety of fitness options accessible online and members used them. Content ranged from yoga to body weight workouts, clogging to Zumba, Judo to basketball skills. When our yoga videos hit 1,000 views we knew we were offering a much needed solution.

We were also trying to take care of our active older adults even though we couldn’t see them in person either. Debbie Parshall, Otterbein Life Enrichment Center Director, created a series of Older Adult Wellness virtual classes focused on exercises specific for balance practice, seated cardio, arthritis, and people with Parkinson’s. “Members told us they used the videos and that is how they got through the shutdown,” said Parshall. She added, “These videos allowed us to do the Y’s mission even though our doors weren’t open.”


Our Stolle Center seniors are a special group. They are vivacious, active seniors and they have built a close knit community. When our doors had to shut, many of them were immediately isolated and prevented from doing their daily check in at the Y. 

“I was heartbroken for them,” said Stolle Center Director Julie Fennessey. “They went from daily friendship time to being alone and so many were depressed and sad. I knew we had to do something.” YMCA staff waving at members through a window

“Something” quickly became many things. Julie started a phone-a-thon and with the help of other staff, they made hundreds of individual calls to our senior members. A lot of these people were really isolated because family wasn’t able to visit and the calls were a lifeline for many. 

Then throughout the year she delivered seasonal care packages. Easter boxes of candy, Christmas goodies, and even Valentines were delivered to our shut-ins and those who weren’t comfortable coming back to the Y when we opened. Julie kept up with calls and handwritten notes to help fight the isolation and depression so many seniors faced. “I just wanted them to know someone was thinking about them, “ she said. 

As seniors returned, and Julie started offering programs again - safely and always following CDC guidelines - members were elated to come back. When the card players wanted to return in the summer, she accommodated the seniors as much as possible by setting up the tables outdoors and providing water for all. Julie added, “They told me the Y was a lifeline and I’m just glad we were able to modify things so they could come and feel like life was a little bit normal.”


Countryside YMCA is one of the largest providers of childcare in Warren County and we are acutely aware of the need working families have for safe and reliable childcare. Before the pandemic hit Ohio, our five childcare locations cared for over 700 children daily. When we learned that Governor DeWine was shutting childcare centers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we immediately applied for emergency licensing to become Pandemic Childcare Centers.

“Our mission is to identify needs in our community and then step in to fill those needs when we can. As soon as we learned there would be a way to keep our childcare centers open to serve the essential workers, we immediately applied for the emergency licensing,“ said Chris Johnson, CEO.   

Some essential workers lost their regular childcare during the shutdown in Ohio, and they were relieved to learn that the Y could care for their children. Family of four smiling at the camera "My wife and I both work as first responders and when the Coronavirus pandemic began we were nervous about balancing our essential jobs and providing appropriate care for our two young children.  The staff at the Countryside YMCA was extremely responsive to us and made our transition into the new daycare setting seamless. We are extremely thankful the Countryside YMCA Children's Center was there in our time of need," said Andrew and Christina Grossenbaugh. 

During the shutdown the Y provided care to about 90 children. “Being able to give these families a safe, nurturing place for their kids to come each day was a real privilege,” said Jenny Poling, Executive Director of Youth and Family at the Y. 



 As a non-profit organization (503C), our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that help build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. The money given to our Annual Campaign through individual donations and corporate partnerships brings hope to so many in our community.


It’s not just the monetary donations that allow us to do all we do. Those people who are willing to give of their time and talents provide much of the sweat equity behind the scenes of our events and programs. Thank you; you inspire us. 


As the leading nonprofit for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y works every day to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. To do our important work, we rely on the volunteers, community leaders, and staff who take an active role in our organization efforts. Their work brings about meaningful, enduring change in our community.

Pamela Adams   Chloe Groh Holly Redmon 
 Sara Alsip Julie Groh  Korey Risner 
 Veroncia Andrade Lorijean Gruesbeck  Karla Roberts 
Tendai Anyaegbunam  Lisa Hammiel  Jason Roberts 
Brett Beatty  Jennifer Hathaway  Amy Rose 
Cary Benge  Sarah Hoskins  Tonya Rubenbauer 
Tiffany Bishop  Olivia Howar  Savannah Shafer 
Tonya Bowser  Kathi Jackson  Stephanie Sizemore 
Phil Breeding  Chris Johnson  Nikki Stokes 
Nate Brestelli  Andrea Jutte  Bonnie Stotts 
Matt Bruns  Amanda Keech   Laura Stridsberg
Silke Busch-Metzger  Stacy Kleingers  Kristin Supinger 
Elizabeth Capella  Tomasina Lakes  Lacie Taylor 
Kate Carson  Lynnette Lawson  Kirsten Tenbrink 
Sara Cheeseman  Renee Lay  David Thomas 
Deborah Clark  Jasmine Lee  Robin Thomas 
Rebecca Colemann  Andrew Maher   Robin Trainer
Holly Colon  Ryan Martin  Amber Tumolac 
Benjamin Cuddy  Zach McCollum  Helen Vickers 
Allison Dane  Victoria Medley  Brandon Voorhies 
Stacy Decker  Brittany Miller  Ashley Welmer 
Jose Diaz  DIamond Milner  Samantha Weiss 
Dena Dieterich  Jennifer Moffitt  Charles Wene 
Richard Dotson  Anne Mulaki  Amber Wethington 
Denise Evans  Carrie Noel  Jason Williams 
Julie Fennessey  Julie Parker  Nicole Williams 
Kristen Gadzala  Deborah Parshall  Brett Wilson 
Jamarcus Gibson  Patricia Perez  Faith Wood 
Joe Gilmore  Jenny Poling  Michelle Wood 
Melissa Gilmore  Dawn Preston   

Thank you to our dedicated Board of Directors and Trustees for their support and guidance throughout the year.

Randy Kronour- Chairman of the Board

Jeff Mitchell - Vice Chairman 

Larry Hollingshead - Secretary

Scott Brunka

Zach Burns

Spence Cropper 

Bill Haynes

Becky Hill

Cathy Howell

George Leasure

Eric Meilstrup

Jeff Mitchell

David Newman

Lynn Payne

Dr. Matt Reeves

Ted Ripperger 

Chris Romano

Todd Yohey 



Spence Cropper, Chairman 

Mike Carroll

William Falknor

Larry Hollingshead

Mary Kaufman

George Leasure

Roy McKay

Kathleen Stolle

Stephen Wilson


The generosity of donors is why we are able to impact so many lives in so many positive ways. Thank you! 

Destiny Adkins Jane & Mark Kuhnell
Rebecca Allen Rhonda Kuntz
Victor & Dolores Angel Virginia Kuntz
Frank & Ann Antenucci Esther Larson
Robert Arledge Ariel Lawson
Adam Arnold Renee & Stan Lay
Chip Baille Renee & Stan Lay
Allison & Craig Baker Vanessa Lay
Matt Baldwin Marcia Lazarus-Otoole
Kim Baltz George & Mary Alice Leasure
Barbara Barnhill Tracey Lee
James & Virginia Bauer Gerri Lefton
Judy Bauer Erica Leggiero
Gloria & Harry Bausmith Carrie Lintner
Robert Bedinghaus Andrea & Jamie Lipp
Abigail Bickley Live Large with Parkinson's
Cynthia Bieler David & Tari Maddox
Steve & Carol Boland Cecilia Maldonado
Lee Bollow Georgia Mantel
Gymnastics Boosters Ryan Martin
Scott & Sherrie Bowers Jonathan Mccann
James Box Nona & Jeffrey McCauley
James & Katie Brausch Sherry & Kevin McDarty
Neal & Barbara Bronson Carol McDonel
Neal & Barbara Bronson Alexis McFarland
Jessica & Jeffrey Brown Glenn & Sherry McHenry
Bea Brown Roy & Elizabeth McKay
Scott & Jenni Brunka Leroy McKay
Matt Bruns Pamela McWhorter
Theodore Cain Eric & Kristy Meilstrup
Beth & Jim Capella Judy Milgrim
Carol Carraway Amanda Miller
Mike & Barb Carroll Amy Miller
Mike & Barb Carroll Diamond Milner
Karen Carroll Jeffrey Monroe
Suzanne Casteel James & Carolyn Moore
Joe & Beth Cesta Andrew & Rebecca Moore
Anthony Chamberlain Adrienne Mrozek
Brenda & Rob Chapman Aisuluu Muk
Catherine & Ronald Chasteen Anne Mulaki
Catherine & Ronald Chasteen Stephen & Mary Jane Necamp
Catherine & Ronald Chasteen Patricia Neely
Debbie Chrestensen Carrie & Michael Noel
Auditor Of The City Of Lebanon James & Donna Norris
Brenda Clark Barbara Norris
Doyle & Sandra Clarkson Gail Norris
Diana Clary Ray Oakes
Adam Clouse Fae Ochs
Marion & Diane Cole Ohio Alliance of YMCA's Foundation
Marion & Diane Cole Carlotta Owens
Rebecca & Jason Colemann Eric & Linda Partee
Janet & Tony Collins Lynn Payne
Holly & Rob Colon Anita & Dennis Pelletier
David & Leanne Conway Sandy & Donald Perry
Gary & Linda Crawford Rachel Perry
John & Lisa Cronin Michael & Janice Peters
Lisa Cronin Nena & Jeff Peters
Spence & Dana Cropper Joe Plante
April Curtsinger Janet Poe
Allison Dane Jenny & Ed Poling
George Darding Kathleen Porter - Stolle
Steve & Jane Davis Lisa Prewitt
Tim & Lisa D'Errico Amy & Matt Pritchard
Gregory Deye Deborah Ransom
Jose Diaz Matt & Terrie Redder
Deborah & Daniel Dorfmueller Sheri & Aaron Reid
Richard & Darrelene Dotson Anne Marie Reid
Elizabeth Doubet Rohn Reminga
Linda & Jerry Douglas Erin Renneker
Erika Eaton Karla & James Rhoads
George & Marian Eatrides Karen Richard
William & Judith Eicher Ted & Kelly Ripperger
Pete Epperson Barbara Robinson
Tracy Erwin Jennifer & Christopher Romano
Denise & Dale Evans Amy Rose
Micah Faler Gail Rose
Yvonne & Dan Fenner Lauren Roy
Julie Fennessey Dave Sandman
Dan Findley John Sappington
Theresa Fisher Karen & Mark Schaeffer
James & Sue Flannery James Schirmer
Camille & Douglas Floreani Carmella & David Schlamersdorf
Mike Fouts Jenna Seller
Gurunadham G Norma Seto
Kristen & Jeff Gadzala Jessica Seyersdahl
Joann Curran & Mary Ann Gayheart Eileen Sharkey
Michael Gentry Glenn Sharp
Missy & Joe Gilmore Rich & Joan Shevchik
Eileen & Bart Girdwood Leigh Ann & Tim Siddall
Chris & Lisa Glanz Hurlden Simpkins
Julie Groh Timothy & Alicia Smith
Betty Gulliver Joye Smith
Robert & Karen Haas Zeke Snyder
Kevin Hall Jaime Spurlock
William & Jennifer Hardie Paul & Rosemary Steiner
Jeff Harper Susan & John Stevenson
Heather & Paul Harris Jackie & Anthony Stoller
Jena Harris Janella Straw
Kelly & Nicholas Hartings Lacey Strete
Bryce Hathaway Laura Stridsberg
Bill & MaryEllen Haynes Chris & Brenda Suits
Patrica Hays Sunrise Landing Red White and Blue Crew
Patricia Heit Kenny & Amy Swanson
Kim & William Helmick Nancy Teismann
Jack & Alice Henkle Kirsten TenBrink
Todd Hershey James Tharp
Becky & Jeff Hill The Sunrise Garden Club
Savanna Hines Paula Thomas
James & Mary Ann Hoffman Robin Thomas
Jill Hogan Andrew Tompkins
Lisa Holz Karen & Kenneth Tompos
William Honeycutt Kathy & Michael Trunk
Ez & Lynn Housh Sarah Trunk
Ron & Cathy Howell Elizabeth Vasse
JoAnn Hugenberg Laura Vielbig
Robert & Carolyn Hull Brandon Voorhies
Marvin & Connie Jaffre A.C. & Helen Voorhis
Edward & Sharon Jansen Ryan & Leah Walker
Jennifer Jensen Amy Webb
Sue Johnsen Chuck Wene
Chris & Allison Johnson Misty West
Terese Johnson Dylan Whitt
Kristie Jones Erin Whittington
Marge Jones Lauren Wilders
Kaylee & Jonathon Juriga Gary Wilkins
Gwendolyn & Don Juszczyk Iona Williams
Karen Kalinyak Nicole Williams
April Kastner Richard Williams
William & Mary Kaufman Grace Wilson
William & Gale Kernitz Stephen Wilson
Stacy Kleingers Kathy Winkler
Hannah Koch Ben Wissel
Mark & Jane Kors Todd Yohey
Nancy Kranzley James & Connie Yoho
Randy & Dianne Kronour

The generosity of our corporate sponsors allows us to impact so many lives in so many positive ways. Thank you! 

16 Lots/ Mad Monks Pizza
1st National Bank
Alcapulco's Mexican Restaurant
Amazon Smiles
Antioch Church in the Countryside YMCA
Arby's Restaurant Management inc.
Atrium Medical Center Sports and Physical Therapy
B Lewie
Berry Insurance Group
Cardinal Landscaping
Chick Fil A
Cincinnati Museum Center
Cincinnati Reds
Conger Construction
Countryside YMCA Torpedoes
Coyne Insurance Agency
Creech's Landscaping
CT Consultants
Dairy Queen - Lebanon
Dairy Queen - Springboro
Dayton Dragons
Dr. James Schirmer, The Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Steve, the PC doctor, LLC
DSC Office Systems
Ears of Experience, LLC
East Main Productions
Esther Price Candies
Exit Best Realty Blanton Team
Family Dentistry
Frisch's Big Boy
Ghent a GMi Company
Girdwood Orthodontics
Golden Lamb
Golden T Inc.
Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory
Great Wolf Lodge
Greater Ohio Virtual School
Half Price Books - Mason
Hathaway Hill
Hoskins Funeral Homes
Hot Head Burritos
Hyashi Telempu North America
IVC Technologies
Jake Sweeney
Kapstone Financial Advisors
Keller Williams John Bissman and Jerry Marks Home Sales Team
Kings Isand
Kirby Auto & Truck Repair/ Warren Welding & Fab
Kona Ice Of NE Cincinnati
Krehbiel Law Office
Landen Church in the Countryside YMCA
LaRosa's Pizzeria - Lebanon
Lavish Salon
Lebanon Candy and Sports Card Shop
Lebanon Ford
Linear Salon
Marriot Cincinnati Northeast
Matrix Fitness
Miami Valley Gaming
Minuteman Press
Minuteman Press
Newman Sanitary Gasket
Nixco Plumbing
Ohio Eagle Distributing
Ohio Valley Painting
Overly Hautz Company
Ozone Zip Line Tours/Camp Kern
Phillips Supply Co.
Picture This
Premier Health Network
R & W Heating, Inc
Recovery Defined
Rittgers and Rittgers
Rotary Club
Royce Café
Rusty Bucket
Sam Smith and Son Glass
Senator Steve Wilson
Serenity Salon and Spa
Shaker Run Gulf Course
Sharefax Credit Union, Inc.
Shine Orthodontics
Sinclair Community College
Smith Landscaping
Sonder Brewing Company
Testerman Dental
The Cheesecake Factory
The Cincinnati Zoo
The City of Lebanon
The City of Mason Golf Center
The Home Depot - Lebanon
The Lebanon Grand Opry House
The One Hair Salon
The Optimist Club
THRIVE (LE-VEL) By Sandra Dilbeck
Tortilleria Garcia
Union Villiage
Vintage Wine Estates
Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Warren County Foundation
Warren County Prosecutor
Warren County Treasurer


Countryside YMCA is an organization that has contributed to the health and well-being of several generations. As Heritage Club Members, these people are helping to extend the organization’s influence to future generations.

Tom Adkins Mabel Holt
Victor & Dolores Angel Phyllis Holtkamp
Judy Bauer Paul & Cynthia Holzschuher
Jessie Baynes Ron & Cathy Howell
Steve & Carol Boland Scott & Theresa Jordan
Larry & Hope Bone Don & Gwen Juszczyk
Aaron Brafman Howard Kamen
Scott & Jenni Brunka William & Mary Kaufman
Herschel Bunnell Brad & Dianne Knapp
Jane Cantoni Randy & Dianne Kronour
Mike & Barb Carroll George & Mary Alice Leasure
Joe & Beth Cesta Bill Loebig
Catherine & Ronald Chasteen James & Nancy Ludwick
Roger & Georgie Clark James & Rita Matz
John Clark Jonathan McCann
Edward Cloughessy Grace McClain
Janet & Tony Collins Roy & Elizabeth McKay
Curt Cranmer Dr. Nelson Melampy
Spense & Dana Cropper Peter & Andrea Michael
Rob & Mary Jo Cropper Gail Norris
Dan & Margaret Cunningham Charles & Sue Nunn
Charles Dilgard Elaine Peirce
Marjorie Donovan Sandy & Donald Perry
Chris & Ray Dooley Michael & Janice Peters
Dr. Michael Baim and Dr. Susan Baim Debra & Kim Phillips
William Erbeck Kathleen Porter-Stolle
Dale & Denise Evans Shane & Lindsey Riffle
Patsie Evans Paul & Julia Rodenbeck
John George Amy Rose
Michael & Karen Geygan Robert & Barbara Schoenfeld
Rob Glover Dorothy & Ralph J. Stolle
James & Mary Hankinson Keith & Becky Taylor
Ginny Hawke Rick & Lindy Taylor
Bill & MaryEllen Haynes Janet Thomas
Jack & Alice Henkle James & Rosalie VanDeGrift
Peggy & Dennis Hoffman Jill & Stephen Wilson
James & Mary Ann Hoffman Grace Wilson
Larry & Lynne Hollingshead Marvin & Elaine Young
4C’s For Children
Lebanon VFW
Abilities First Lifestyle Housing
Advance Choice Little Miami Food Pantry
American Diabetes Society Little Miami Schools
American Heritage Girls Little Miami Swim Team
Antioch Church  Mary Haven Youth Center
ARCS Midwestern Children’s Home
Area Progress Council Mom’s Club of Lebanon
Atrium Medical Center Moms In Touch
Axis Church Mothers and Sons Cargiving
Beech Acres Parenting Mothers Making Strides
Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Warren County Mt. Notre Dame Swim Team
Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts Navy
Building Blocks for Kids Ohio Council On Aging
Camp Lebanon Otterbein Lebanon
Choices in Community Living Positive Leaps
Church of Latter Day Saints Production Servcies Unlimited
Community Blood Center Residential Group Homes, Inc.
Community Concepts Ronald McDonald House
Community Options, Inc. Safe Families Educational Service Center
Coordinated Care Services Saint Margaret of York
Countryside Church of the Nazarene Solutions Community Counseling
Complete Care Providers Special Olympics
Dayton Urban League Total Home Care Solutions
Deerfield Township Turtlecreek Township Fire Department
Destiny Church Eastridge US Army
Elves Among Us Urbancrest Baptist Church
Girl Scouts & Daisy Scouts
U.S. Airforce
Girls on the Run, Hamilton Township Various Local Bible Study Groups
Hands Against Hunger Visions Matter
Help Me Grow Warren County Abuse & Rape Crisis Center
Home for Life Warren County Arts Council
Howworth Blood Center Warren County Board of Elections
Hunger & Woman's Abuse Shelter Warren County Children’s Services (WCCS)
Interfaith Hospitality Network Warren County Career Center
Kings Local Food Pantry Warren County Foundation
Kings Local School District Warren County Parks
Kings Point Church of God Warren County Quilt Guild
La Luz Warren County Sheriff’s Department
Landen Church of the Y Warren County Technical Rescue Team
Leadership Warren County Workforce One
Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce
Mason Comet Cupboard
Lebanon Adult Day Service Neighborhood Bridges
Lebanon Area Writer’s Group Waynesville Schools 
Lebanon Christian School Shared Harvest
Lebanon City School District Kings Point Church
Lebanon Fire Department Farmers to Families
Lebanon Food Pantry Urbancrest
Lebanon City Schools Eastridge Community (outreach preschool)
Lebanon High School Swim Team Brookview Community (outreach preschool)
Lebanon Kiwanis Club  
Lebanon Methodist Church  
Lebanon Rotary  

2020 Financials

Mission Statement

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Countryside YMCA - one of the world’s largest YMCAs - is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the Warren County community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. For more than 40 years, Countryside YMCA has embodied the Christian principles that help people achieve a balance of spirit, mind and body. We work hard every day to ensure that all are welcome to experience the unmatched facilities, outreach, and varied programs available only at the Y.