10X Accountability for only $321

Do this for yourself, you deserve it!

We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, as well as the personal attention and accountability that comes with a trainer. Our certified Personal Trainers can help you hit the ground running by developing goals and creating a plan for success! Whether you are new to exercise or takign your fitness to the next level, our Personal Trainers are here to support you!

In the month of Janaury 2023 you can save $60 with the "10X Accountability Bundle" that includes 10 Personal Training Sessions (30 minutes each), the New MZ-Switch exercise tracker that you can wear on your wrist, arm, or chest in the gym or in the pool. And Unlimited use of our Inbody Body Composition Analysis, which goes beyond the numbers on the scale. 

Get your offer online or at the Membership desk (Lebanon or Landen) starting January 1st. After purchase, we will connect you with the right personal trainer to meet your needs and schedule. Belt pick-up can be scheduled with Jasmine Lee by emailing her at jasmine.lee@ymcastaff.org

Benefits of Personal Training at The Y

1. Helps create consistency in your workouts.

2. Working with a fitness professional to help you progress towards your goals.

3. Makes sure you're being appropriately challenged.

4. Having accountability and guidance for your workouts.

5. Having a plan tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Gaining experience you need to be self-sufficient in the gym.

7. Learning the why and how behind exercise.

8. Pushing your physical and mental limits.

Why My Zone Switch & InBody Body Composition

Myzone Key Features

- Measures exercise effort

- In-gym live effort displays

- Displays data on gym equipment

- Rewards all your effort

- Works with many 3rd party apps


Myzone vs Wrist Trackers

Wrist trackers don't reward all activity. During a push up, the wrist doesn't 'move' and the 'steps' are not counted. Burpees, pull ups, lunges, box jumps, cycling, boxing, and yoga are among the activities that wrist trackers aren't able to properly reward. 

Health is more than your weight! With these water values, you can begin to identify and track inflammation, swelling, and even injuries with ECW/TBW Analysis while monitoring how this ratio changes over time under the Body Composition History chart.

InBody Body Composition Analysis Key Features

- 45 Secounds (take a quick and easy body composition test)

- History (track progess with the body composition history chart on the results sheet

- Lean Mass (see lean mass values for each body segment in pounds)

- Body Water (divides total body water into intracellular water and extracellular water)

- Body Fat (provides segmental fat and visceral fat analysis)

How To Use InBody Composition Analysis

How to Get Started

How To Wear Your MZ-Switch


The world's first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. Wearable three ways, simply switch between the chest belt, wrist strap and arm band, depending on your choice of physical activity. Wrist and arm are best for non-gripping activities such as walking, running, cyclying and swimming (wrist only) but stick to the chest belt for HIIT, weights and boxing. It's time to switch things up.

With a chest tracker and a new wrist/arm tracker, Myzone is now for the dog walkers, the playful parents and the hard-grafting-gardeners. We added a light indicator to the MZ-Switch so you can see which zone you're in without breaking your flow. Wear on the wrist to work out phone-free.