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Teen Activities

Fostering leaderhsip for teens with adventure and social development.  Both of the follow groups meet on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm.

Countryside Leaders Crew.  This is a unique program that fosters leadership, social responsibility (through volunteerism), and fellowship in teens.  The age groups we serve include age 13 through 19 and they are from local school districts.  

We focus on high venture activities that instill confidence, leadership and personal growth while engaging in fun outdoor skills.  This year we are going to serve our community through "Rake and Runs".  This is a fun time of raking yards, competition style, for free to those who need it most.  Another activity is "Camp into Kick Off" service project.  This a fun trip to Perfect north for fellowship and taking on the slopes.  Upcoming, we will be holding awareness "Car Bash", "Caving Expedition" and "Zip Line Challenge".

Questions?  Contact Jeni Vinson
513 932 1424 ext 233

Youth in Government. This is another unique program for junior high and high school students from local school districts.  Through the Youth in Government State Assembly, Fall Leaders Training and Conference on National Affairs, students have an opportunity to build leadership skills and citizenship attitudes in an experience based, hands-on environment.  The Ohio YMCA Youth In Government 3-day conference was created to allow students from all over Ohio to come together in Columbus to participate directly in a simulation of the legislative process.  This student-led and moderated experience takes place in the Ohio Statehouse legislative and judicial chambers.  Civics, Formations of Government, and Constitutional principles, rights and responsibilities are all part of the YIG experience.  In preparation for the April Ohio conference, students work throughout the school year with their local delegations at schools, community center or their local YMCA to craft bills and prepare for oral defense of their proposed legislation as it moves through the mock legislative process.

By taking on the roles of Senators of Representatives, authors of Bills, Justices, Lobbyists, Pages, and Candidates for elected office or members of the media, students are challenged to think and write critically about their communities and the world around them.  As students are challenged to think and write critically about their communities and the world around them.  As students craft bills that they believe will improve the world they live in, they are called to conduct research while learning to defend their positions and to collaborate with others as their ideas are amended within established parliamentary processes.

Questions?  Contact Jeni Vinson
513 932 1424 ext 233

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